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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gopeng Experience Outdoor package

Secret of success is in your hand

*An excellence person will not do normal thing

*They always see everything as an opportunity for them to excel in their life.

*You deserve it!! come together with us to experienced Whitewater Rafting and Caving exploration at Kandu Cave


Thing to be experience during 2D 1N stay at Gopeng

*Whitewater rafting

22 rapids with grade 2 to 3+

*Double caving experience

Journey to the historical cave (Tempurung)

and also to the least visited cave


*A night with local food fiesta

Only RM250 you'll get all this

Activities Schedule

Day 1

9:00am - Assemble at Gopeng Town

9:30am - Relocate to starting point (changing cloth and distribution of equipment)

10:00am - Safety briefing and expedition procedure

10:30am - Water confident

11:00am - Whitewater rafting (WWR) begin

1:30pm - End of WWR

*lunch break, rest & recover

2:30pm - Start Kandu caving

4:30pm - End of Caving activities back to campsite for tea break and night preparation

8:00pm - Dinner preparation activities

9:00pm - Dinner

10:00pm - Free activities

Day 2

9:00am - Breakfast

10:00am - Fun Race

12:00pm - Lunch

12:30pm - End of program

Package including food from lunch day 1 till day 2 & accommodation

For further information please contact or email to:
Joe (call or sms : 011 12269188 )
Email: horizontravelntours@gmail.com


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

nature payback package

FRIM Forest Research Institute Malaysia

FRIM provides the opportunities for visitors to learn more about the forest and at the same time to relax and refresh themselves with unpolluted environment. With many outdoor recreations and public education on the ground, FRIM has become a popular spot for picnickers, joggers, cyclers, tourists and nature study groups. On the other hand, it is chosen as family day events, treasure hunts, camping, birdwatching, jungle trekking, wedding reception and nature photography.

Batu Caves Magnificent Hindu Cave Temple

The huge Batu Caves are the best well known attraction near Kuala Lumpur; just 13km north of the capital, a short distance off the Ipoh road. It is a MUST go tourist spot if you are staying in Kuala Lumpur for more than 2 days.

Once you arrive at Batu Caves, you will see a main square at which Indian vendors have put up their simple stalls. Take a moment at one of the stalls, and enjoy the distinctive Hindu nature of the surroundings, complete with small temples, colorful wooden carved figures and of course Hindu worshippers dressed in traditional sarongs.

Batu Caves is made up by three main caves and several small ones. The Temple Cave or Cathedral Cave is the best known and biggest of the Batu caves. To reach the temple cave, you must make your way up 272 rock stairs and through numerous macaque monkeys.

Selayang Hot Spring

There are two small pools and one large one located on state land near Jalan Ipoh (coming from KL), before the overhead bridge leading to the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) complex.

The place has been a popular recreation and relaxation spot for the neighbouring residents and visitors from other parts of the Klang Valley. It also attracts visitors from outstation and foreign tourists.

According to Liau Hup, an 81-year-old resident of Jalan Ipoh, the hot spring water is purported to have healing powers and many visitors go there with the hope of having certain illnesses or diseases, especially skin diseases, cured.

3 place in 1day only RM100 per/pax

contact us now!!!

For further information please contact or email to:
Joe (call or sms : 011 12269188 )
Email: horizontravelntours@gmail.com


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jungle Fever Package

Sungai Sendat Waterfall

10am - 12pm

Nestled in the heart of Selangor, lies this hidden waterfall only relatively known to many. The name is Sungai Sendat and it is only about 45mins away from KL City Center

Kanching Waterfall
2pm - 6pm

Kanching Recreational Forest is part of the 478ha of Kanching Forest Reserve. It offers a cool and relaxing environment besides being a sanctuary for birds and monkeys.

This tourist attraction is an excellent place for picnicking and camping especially near its cascading waterfalls.The more popular spots among picnickers are the second and third levels, where the waterfalls end in spacious pools and bouldered streams. At the lower level, the torrents slow down into a calmer river, providing a safer place for children to take a dip.

The recreational forest, a great hideout for a weekend getaway or a picnic, is well-known among the locals. The forest holds special appeal for nature lovers in search of peace and serenity in its waterfalls, which is definitely worth a visit

2 waterfall in 1 day.. only RM80 per/pax

For further information please contact or email to:
Joe (call or sms : 011 12269188 )
Email: horizontravelntours@gmail.com